About the Wraps

Housewife Designs Head Wraps are the perfect hair accessory for when your short on time and wanting to have that perfect hair day. 

Each Wrap has a durable wire inside so no time is wasted trying to tie the wrap up. Just twist it and your done in seconds, now you are ready to start the day. You can walk out of the house feeling stylish and confident knowing your hair will look the same as when you come home. 

Have a few minutes spare in front of a mirror? Make sure you play around with your Head Wrap as there are many different combinations to wear it with both sides made to be seen.

  • All wraps are handmade in Australia.
  • The wraps are reversible .
  • Adult wrap are approximately 86cm long and 6cm wide. 
  • Children wraps are 76cm long and 5.5cm wide.
  • Our head wraps have a durable stainless steal wire inside to make it easy to twist around your head and not move throughout the day.
  • Due to the handmade nature, the pattern may vary on each head wrap.