How to wash?
I recommend just using a damp cloth to wipe the head wraps. 
Aprons can be put in a cold wash. 

Can I iron my product?
Yes you can iron both aprons and head wraps, please make sure your iron is warm only. 

What happens if the wire breaks?
We have chosen a durable stainless steal wire to put inside each wrap and they should not break, if that has happened please contact us straight away. 

Can I make a custom order? 
I have made a few custom orders already and happy to do more. I do require a deposit for a custom order before I start making the wraps or aprons. 

Can place a bulk order? 
I am happy to do bulk orders, please contact us and we can discuss the details further. 

I have some fabric I would like made in a wrap, can you do that? 
I sure can, first we have to check that the piece is big enough, but after that I'm happy to make your wrap for you.
I have even made wraps out of a little school dress for a girl to wear them at school.

How should I care for my wrap?
I hang my wraps on a tie hanger (you can get them from Ikea), but you can really store the wraps anywhere just make sure you straighten the wire out before each use.

If there are any other questions feel free to contact us :)